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Avon Protection Systems

Areas Covered: Worldwide.
The Avon Protection engineers developed the first ever hand held thermal imager for firefighting over 35 years ago. Having been developed for firefighting in the UK, the camera was adopted by UK Naval firefighting personnel; its purpose was to allow users to navigate through smoke filled compartments on naval vessels. These were the first commercial handheld thermal imaging cameras ever used by US firefighters too. Avon Protection engineers haven’t stopped innovating since. Today the argus range of thermal imaging cameras are the lightest and smallest NFPA1801:2018 compliant cameras available. Whether it’s the safest battery technology, unmistakable application of colours or the highest available dynamic temperature range, Avon Protection innovations are always specifically designed with firefighter safety in mind. Avon Protection are the leading provider of thermal imagers in Europe, with growing share in North America and Asia. All of the argus range of thermal imaging cameras are manufactured in the UK, where they are subjected to the strictest quality processes. The Mi-TIC S is a premium lightweight thermal imaging camera optimised for naval damage control teams and on-board use. The high performance components, selected to deliver an 1100 Degree Celsius dynamic range and increased resistance to high temperatures, fully sealed buttons and battery compartment to IP67 and protected thermal sensor, all ensure that the Mi-TIC S is unrivalled in maritime firefighting and damage control. For more information please visit
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