Axel Thoms Lebensrettungseinrichtungen GmbH

Areas Covered: Worldwide.
Since 1979, Axel Thoms Lebensrettungseinrichtungen GmbH works to solve evacuation & escape way deficiencies for national and international projects. The escape chute was developed to allow fast, safe escape and evacuation. The reason for the requirement of escape & evacuation varies and refers to escape in case of fire, earthquakes or unstable security situations, due to several influences. The escape chute is produced in Germany and production is under continuous supervision of TÜV and performed to ISO 9001 standards. The system comes with a 15-year guarantee.
Head Office:
Bimoehler Str. 32-36
P.O. Box 1155
D-24576 Bad Bramstedt
phone +49 4192 818 881
fax +49 4192 818 883
Installer, Manufacturer, Supplier, Solicitor
Sales Manager Mr. Sebastian Thoms