BIOVERSAL International GmbH

Areas Covered: Worldwide.
BIOVERSAL International GmbH is exclusively responsible for worldwide business development, sales and marketing of Bioversal's Advanced Biotechnology Products and Applications. With a network of authorised distributors and competent partner companies, we offer high performance products, services, equipments and applications. The trademark "Bioversal" is registered with the German and European patent office. We have expertise in the field of ecological fire engineering, offshore-platforms protection, oil spill crisis management, environmental engineering & project management.
Head Office:
Georg Sigl Strasse 16
2384 Breitenfurt
phone +43 2 239 4278 0
fax +43 2 239 4278 18
Distributor, Exporter, Manufacturer
Relations: Agent/Dealer For: Please contact company direct for agent details
Managing Partner Mr. Franz J. Kitzwoegerer
Managing Partner Mr. Ioannis Athanasiou