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Coltraco Ultrasonics Ltd.

Areas Covered: Worldwide.
Coltraco Ultrasonics Ltd., a world leading British OEM of specialist ultrasonic safety equipment since 1987, delivers a range of integrated continuous monitoring systems and handheld inspection products. Operating in 109 countries across 19 markets, Coltraco is committed to Safesite: safety for safety's sake. Coltraco's capabilities and developmental work are focused on 3 areas as below and driven by the risk of pressurisation in gaseous extinguishing systems. Certification is normally annual but the risk of their leakage or accidental discharge in-between for the other 364 days left un-monitored. The design concentrations required to extinguish a fire cannot be guaranteed unless the contents of the gaseous extinguishing systems have not leaked or accidentally discharged. Pressure gauges are, like valves, simple mechanical devices and they can stick in position after prolonged periods of inactivity. The protected space that gaseous extinguishing systems are installed and designed to protect have to be able to contain the gas on its discharge in the event of a major fire event. Too often the rooms are only tested pre-installation and take no account thereafter of the leak-sites that can generate as a building or structure ages or changes to its internal use are made. Coltraco are therefore engaged in the design, development and manufacture of systems and products enabling solutions to the above and largely 'ungoverned space'.
Head Office:
46 Mount Street
United Kingdom
phone +44 207 629 8475 (London)
fax +44 207 629 8477 (London)
phone +44 1761 241 601 (Bath)
fax +44 1761 241 685 (Bath)
Designer, Manufacturer, Supplier
Ms. Clare Hunter
Type: Branch
Unit 1
Chewton Fields
Ston Easton
United Kingdom