LEHAVOT- Advance Fire Protection Systems

Web: www.lehavot.com
Areas Covered: Africa, Europe, Far East & USA.
The company offers custom designing, modelling, testing & manufacturing of fire suppression systems for the military, industrial and commercial sectors. This includes; fire protection solutions for military vehicles, buses, trains, mining, oil tank storages, cranes, refueling trucks, kitchens, CNC machines, cellular antennas and more. Lehavot's cutting-edge technologies are designed to effectively protect lives, vehicles, equipment and property, keeping the crew safe whilst protecting the environment. Their companies multi-zone fire protection systems meet a wide array of various fire risks, such as solutions for vehicles, naval vessels and machinery.
Head Office:
12125 Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan
phone +972 4 695 2168
fax +972 4 695 2119
phone +972 50 567 9532
Manufacturer, Service/Inspection, System Integrator/Designer, Training Provider
V.P. Marketing Mr. Chaim Schwartz